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Talking Poems and Storytelling Productions has a story just for you! All the way from that naughty little spider named Anansi to Aunt Fannie Mae Lulu... The mythical power of storytelling is what kept events that would have been forgotten alive.....from ear to ear, and from one generation to the next, a good juicy story, (just like good gossip), can never be forgotten. Good stories can be entertaining for the whole family, not just the little ones. So.......the next time you're having a special event to celebrate a birthday, family reunion, anniversary, rights of passage,baby shower,adoption, bridal shower, bon voyage, retirement, graduation, welcome home party or WHATEVER YOU DECIDE TO CELEBRATE:


"A very good story is waiting for your ears!!" Talking Poems and Storytelling Productions offers creative workshops and storytelling for your school or worksite! These workshops and more (depending on your specific needs) are available for your organization or special event.

•    Poetry Writing

•    Theatre/Drama

•    Voice

•    Movement

•    Poetry Performance/Slams

•    Storytelling (writing and/or performance ​


We'll be happy to create a workshop just for your groups' benefit and empowerment...


"Dear Gha'il, thank you so much for coming to our school and sharing your poetry with us. We really enjoyed the poetry slam....We learned so much from you, please come again soon!"

4th graders / Brooklyn Friends School GHA'IL


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